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Usually people use the name of the person receiving the care as the care team name, but you can name it whatever you want.

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Not sure where to get started or have a question? Call an experienced social worker at (612) 770 - 7005

CAP Agency Home Delivered Meals

  • Food Home Delivery
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Seniors living on fixed incomes are the fastest-growing population visiting food shelves. They often hesitate to ask for help, and are the ‘hidden hungry’ in our neighborhoods.

A number of problems faced by ours seniors include poor diets, health problems, food insecurity, and loneliness. These issues are addressed through CAP Agency’s Senior Nutrition Programs. We deliver a nutritious meal, companionship and a watchful eye on the health and safety of our seniors. Meals are served in seniors home or community settings.

Together we ensure that seniors have access to nutritious and valuable social interaction and companionship.


Phone: (952) 496-2125 or (651) 322-3500


Locations Served:

  • Waterford Township, MN
  • Vermillion Township, MN
  • Sciota Township, MN
  • Ravenna Township, MN
  • Randolph Township, MN
  • Nininger Township, MN
  • Marshan Township, MN
  • Hampton Township, MN
  • Greenvale Township, MN
  • Eureka Township, MN
  • Empire Township, MN
  • Douglas Township, MN
  • West St. Paul, MN
  • Vermillion, MN
  • Sunfish Lake, MN
  • South St. Paul, MN
  • Rosemount, MN
  • Randolph, MN
  • Northfield, MN
  • New Trier, MN
  • Miesville, MN
  • Mendota Heights, MN
  • Mendota, MN
  • Lilydale, MN
  • Lakeville, MN
  • Inver Grove Heights, MN
  • Hastings, MN
  • Hampton, MN
  • Farmington, MN
  • Eagan, MN
  • Coates, MN
  • Burnsville, MN
  • Apple Valley, MN
  • Castle Rock Township, MN
  • Dakota County, MN
  • Young America Township, MN
  • Watertown Township, MN
  • Waconia Township, MN
  • San Francisco Township, MN
  • Laketown Township, MN
  • Hollywood Township, MN
  • Hancock Township, MN
  • Dahlgren Township, MN
  • Camden Township, MN
  • Benton Township, MN
  • Watertown, MN
  • Waconia, MN
  • Victoria, MN
  • Norwood Young America, MN
  • New Germany, MN
  • Mayer, MN
  • Hamburg, MN
  • Cologne, MN
  • Chaska, MN
  • Chanhassen, MN
  • Carver, MN
  • Carver County, MN
  • Spring Lake Township, MN
  • Shakopee, MN
  • Savage, MN
  • Sand Creek Township, MN
  • Saint Lawrence Township, MN
  • St. Lawrence Township, MN
  • Prior Lake, MN
  • New Prague, MN
  • New Market Township, MN
  • Louisville Township, MN
  • Jordan, MN
  • Jackson Township, MN
  • Helena Township, MN
  • Elko New Market, MN
  • Credit River Township, MN
  • Cedar Lake Township, MN
  • Blakeley Township, MN
  • Belle Plaine Township, MN
  • Belle Plaine, MN
  • Scott County, MN