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Eastside Meals on Wheels

  • Food
  • Food Home Delivery
  • Food Programs
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Eastside Meals on Wheels is a local independent non-profit. Every week day we serve nutritious hot meals to seniors and those with disabilities in NE and SE Minneapolis, as well as, St. Anthony Village. A major portion of our income comes from individual and businesses donations and grants. We rely on nearly 300 volunteers to deliver over 28,000 meals each year. Volunteer drivers take an hour to deliver meals at noon to a small number of recipients on a schedule that works for them—weekly, monthly, on-call, etc. Other volunteers help on various projects and committees including fund raising, promotion, event planning, finance and board of directors.


Phone: 612-277-2529


Locations Served:

  • Saint Anthony, MN
  • St. Anthony, MN
  • Saint Anthony Village, MN
  • Minneapolis, MN