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How does mom pay for her long term care?

Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 02:11PM by Anonymous

Hello, my mom has some assets, but I don't think she will have enough to last. She is moving to an assisted living apartment soon. How does she pay for long term care at this place after her money runs out?


Contact your county

Hello, you would want to contact the county your mom lives in for a long term care consultation and they can tell you more about the Elderly Waiver program she can apply for to help pay for Assisted Living. She would qualify once her assets were low enough to qualify for medical assistance. You can call a social worker on this site to find out more.


I totally agree with the reply by Krystal, contacting the county is good idea.

Assisted living

Hello there, I totally agree with the krystal's views. You can find out out the different programs which are carried for the seniors. One of my friends told me about mission humanitaire ( carried by shammesh, where they visit the orphanage and old age home to provide the assistance and donate the needful things. He also suggested me to join as volunteer to provide assistance to the needy people.

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